Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Smoky Hills

I painted another scene from our road trip from Washington to California, but did not have time to photograph, upload and write a new blog last week. My wife and I were busy flying back up to Washington State over the weekend for my Mother-in-laws funeral and memorial.

Instead of painting another small painting I decided to break up the image into two paintings or a diptych style. I am calling this diptych painting “Smoky Hills.” It was fun creating the many overlapping layers of hills in the background to give the painting a real feeling of depth.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Painting Again

Arrived back in lovely Pacific Grove, California after another grueling 1000-mile trek driving down the west coast from Anacortes, Washington. My wife and I were not on vacation for the last almost three weeks. We were caring for my wife’s terminally ill Mother, God bless her soul. My wife’s Mom was a great woman and we will miss her dearly.

On the drive down the forest fires were raging in Washington and Oregon and the smoke in the air created a dramatic atmospheric effect on the landscape. I grabbed my iPhone while driving and snapped pictures most of the drive down. I know they say you should never drink and drive but photography and driving also do not mix. At least that was the look I was getting from my wife every time I grabbed the phone to take another picture. A few times she would take the phone away from me when we were driving on the curvy parts in the mountains at an undisclosed high speed.

I plan to paint a whole series of paintings and maybe create a show from all the paintings called road trip. “Smokey Barn” is the first of many paintings to come from the passing landscape seen from I-5 on our drive home.    

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letter to My Landscape Professor


This is your favorite landscape-painting student.

I was only able to get one more painting done. It has been really sad and stressful helping out my wife with her terminally ill Mother.

I might do another painting of Washington Park tonight if I have time and email it to you tomorrow. This painting was a view looking out at the San Juan Islands from Fidalgo Island at Washington Park beach. This painting started as plein air and then I took it back and finished it from a photo reference I took while plein air painting. I first sketched everything out to get the placement of the major shapes and then I started painting. 

I think you have most of my good landscape paintings but if you want to look at all the paintings I did in class please go to my Furious Painter Blog and you can find all the paintings in the August and July Blogs. http://furiouspainter.blogspot.com

I wish I could have been there to finish up the class, but hope I did enough to get a passing grade.

I will email you when we head back to California so I can meet up with you and pick up my paintings.

If you have a home studio or just a studio, I would love to come by and see your work as well.

Thanks again.

Furious Painter

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Major Painting

I have not had time to do much painting since we arrived at my wife's parent’s house. I did have time to go for a late night jog and stopped and snapped a photo of another Washington state sunset.

Now that I think about it, I did do a major painting yesterday. The painting surface was 10 feet by 30 feet, huge. The painting was a flat section of my wife’s parent’s roof; it needed a new coat of rubberized roof sealant. Here is the finished work! Not sure if I would call this one a masterpiece.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Long Drive

My wife’s Mom has pancreatic cancer and we decided to drop everything and go help. We needed to get an early start because we had a long road trip ahead of us, so we were up at 5 a.m. The Drive from Pacific Grove, California all the way to Anacortes, Washington is over a 1000 miles. My wife’s Dad has been doing the majority of care and we wanted to help him out, plus we want to see her Mom.

We jumped in our little red Jeep Wrangler at 7 a.m. all packed up and pulled out of the driveway, only 17 hours of driving to go. We headed North up Highway 1 and then jumped on Highway 156 and headed east toward I-5. The scenery was breathtaking with bleached out grass an oak trees speckling the rolling hills. We started to climb into a mountain pass and realized the hazy day was not because of the fog but it was smoke in the air from forest fires. The smoke filtering the sunlight created this eerie otherworldly light. If we were not on urgent business, I would have stopped and taken some photos to paint later. Maybe we can stop on the way home, God forbid the fires are still burning. My wife and I actually spotted a couple fires on the hill; you could see the plumes of smoke rising up off the mountainsides.

Once we got on I-5 the only problem we ran into was dealing with all the Semi-trucks passing each other. The funny thing is the passing semi-truck is only going about a half a mile an hour faster than the truck ahead.  The passing truck slows down all the other cars on the two-lane highway as they slowly lumber ahead of the truck in front of them.

We did, later, run into more fires around Mt. Shasta; you could barely see the second or maybe it is the third tallest mountain in the lower 48. The majestic view of Mt. Shasta as you drive by on I-5 is one of my favorite parts of the long drive, but this time I just wanted to get past all the smoke.

My wife and I made it to southern Washington at sunset, and I snapped a few photos as we were driving. The sky was colored in reds, purples, blues and gold, not sure the photo does it any justice.

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